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Employees are one of the biggest assets that you have in business. When relocating a member of staff it is important to minimise stress and avoid wasting time. Each employee and every relocation is unique which is why at Clearview Relocation we provide customised services and treat each and every client as an individual. Flexibility is one of our core values, this results in successful relocation's, happy employees and relaxed families.

When considering relocation packages and options, you have to trust the information you’re given. You need open and honest guidance rather than biased advice. As a truly independent relocation company we’re unbiased. This means that any advice or assistance provided by Clearview Relocation or any of our partners is provided in the best interests of our clients.

Our team of well-travelled individuals love their work and are passionate about helping employees and their families with successful relocations. They have excellent local area knowledge to help families with home searches, school options, location options, and even cultural awareness. Each relocating assignee will be guided by one central point of contact. This experienced relocation specialist will get to know your employees’ individual requirements and guide them throughout the whole relocation process.

Our consultants work with an industry specific, GDPR compliant, web-based software management system that allows for the HR team, assignee and Clearview representative to stay up to date and work within a safe, secure environment. The system also allows us to report to our clients in a flexible, bespoke manner on anything from KPI’s, assignee or departmental costs, tenancy details through to cost savings.

While some of your employees will be relocating on their own, many will have dependants. As a family-focused company, Clearview Relocation will ensure that the whole family’s requirements are taken into account and we do not forget about them once the keys are handed over. We make the effort to keep in contact long after their move to ensure that they are settling in happily.

Regardless of where your relocation needs are, we have the global reach and local knowledge to support any relocation, anywhere in the world. We also have extensive experience with individual, group moves and high volume clients.

Not only do we have a proven track record for personal, professional, high-quality relocation services demonstrated by the many awards that we have received but we adhere to all GDPR requirements, work within policy, to strict service levels and agreed pricing.

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