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7 driving laws worth knowing before you next holiday

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05 June, 2018

Do you have a road trip planned this summer? Or perhaps your summer holiday includes navigating your way? Don’t spoil your experience with an unexpected fine!

No two countries are ever the same when it comes to driving laws, so the Clearview Relocation team have put together the below guide to keep you out of trouble on your travels.


The stunning and diverse landscapes that Spain has to offer to make for a thrilling driving experience; however, you need to consider what you wear when driving carefully! Spanish law states that you must always carry a spare pair of glasses in the car with you if you require them to operate. Be mindful of your footwear too – while it isn’t illegal to wear open toe or high heeled shoes, if the police think your boots are affecting your ability to drive correctly, they can hand you a hefty fine.


The famous Autobahn in Germany covers 7,500 miles and makes up one of the most excellent motorway systems in the world – with no speed limits in many areas, perfect for thrill-seekers. However, stopping on the Autobahn unnecessarily is illegal (and running out of fuel is no excuse!). There are rest stops every 40-60km, usually equipped with bathrooms, restaurants and petrol stations, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your fuel gauge and refilling when necessary.


If you’re planning on visiting one of Italy’s many historic city centres, leave the car behind. Many towns have Limited Traffic Zones which means you could face a hefty fine if you’re caught driving through them. It’s also worth noting that permits are only ever issued to locals, not visitors or tourists.


Paris, Lyon, Lile and Grenoble have all become low-emission zones in recent times, so it’s required that you display a vignette sticker on your windscreen to drive in the restricted areas of these cities – or you risk a fine. Demand for the labels is currently very high, so apply well in advance of your holiday to ensure you receive one in time!


No matter how hot it gets, keep your tops on! It’s illegal for both men and women to travel topless in Thailand in a bike, car or tuk-tuk.


More often than not, Sat-Navs give pre-programmed alerts to let you know when a fixed speed camera is coming up ahead. Several countries take a stricter approach, and the notifications are illegal in several countries, including France and Switzerland – so turn those notifications off!


Watch out for those undertakers! The USA is the perfect destination for a road trip holiday, and it’s hard to beat for the stunning scenery and famous roads such as Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s also known for some odd, state-specific driving laws, which are sure to catch you out if you aren’t aware of them. The one rule that confuses Brits the most when driving in America is that it’s fine to undertake on the highway – so take extra care when switching lanes!


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