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Benefits of Temporary Accommodation

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15 August, 2019

Why use Temporary Accommodation when relocating?

Searching for a place you are happy to rest your head is often one of the first things we do before arriving in another country. We all want somewhere we will feel comfortable, that’s ideally located with all our living essentials to hand. That’s why it is so important to get this first step right when relocating employees, but hotels are not the always the best option and are rarely economical. In this blog, we will illustrate a few reasons to consider using temporary accommodation as a solution to finding that all important base to begin your new life.

Fully furnished home base.

Personal Space

A significant advantage of temporary accommodation has a fully furnished home base to escape to after the hustle and bustle of starting a new job role. Having your own private space can be a comfortable retreat and provide more stability when settling into a new area. While hotel rooms are often the go-to for stopovers, there is nothing like having your place.

Security and Reliability

Short term rental properties provide security and peace of mind during the relocation process; the certainty of having accommodation in place before leaving your home country can be a great stress relief. Especially for long term relocation, instead of rushing to put your house on the market and relying on real estate photos to find a new home in time for your start date, you can carefully search for a new place or wait for the right house to be available.

Temporary  Accommodation come with kitchens or kitchennets

Added Amenities

Much more than a hotel room, temporary accommodation provides more amenities to add comfort to a short stay. For example, serviced apartments offer facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen and laundry essentials, extra rooms for more space, especially when travelling with a partner or family, as well as cleaning and maintenance services. Having these services available makes for a more practical solution for the interim.

Customisable Stay

Unlike hotel rooms, the amenities temporary accommodation offer can be tailored to the specific criteria of each relocation. Whether you are relocating with your family, need to be located near useful commuting links or looking for a pet-friendly apartment, the amenities are customisable to fit the requirements of even the most discerning individual.

Start your adventure with temporary accomodation

Experience the Area

A significant advantage of using temporary accommodation as a stop-gap before renting or even buying a residence is the ability to experience a lifestyle before things become more permanent. You can spend time discovering if an area offers a welcoming environment and perhaps a thriving expat community or avoid being stuck with a two-hour commute. Being placed in an area, temporarily, allows you to assess the atmosphere and learn the pros and cons before you commit to putting down roots.


Temporary Accommodation Services

Here at Clearview Relocation, we know that finding accommodation is one of the biggest tasks to tackle during the corporate relocation process. We have a dedicated team that will work with you to find the best suitable temporary accommodation options to meet your criteria.

Using our extensive network of high-quality providers, we can quickly source and secure ideal short-term accommodation, negotiate rent, coordinate tenancy agreements and confirm access and emergency contact details all before you even step foot on a plane. All of our accommodation options have cleaning and maintenance services available as often as required. And with our 24/7 meet and greet service, you can be taken straight through to the property no matter what time you land.

 So, before you book that hotel, get in touch with us to discuss our relocation services.


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