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Chinese New Year - The year of ‘The Rat’

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24 January, 2020

According to the traditional Chinese calendar Saturday 25th January is the start to the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.

The Chinese Zodiac has a cycle of 12 years, with each year being celebrated by an animal which are Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep, Rooster, Monkey, Dog and Pig, 2020 is the year of The ‘Rat’ and is predicted to be a lucky year.

The annual celebration in China will begin when the new moon comes between Jan 21 and Feb 20, they will normally celebrate on the eve of the New Year to the 15th day of the New Year. The celebrations take place not only in China but worldwide including countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and America – in fact anywhere on the world where you find a large Chinese community.

Clearview Relocation and Aqua Moving Services would like to wish you all a ‘Happy Chinese New Year’.

If you are considering relocating your employees anywhere in the world both Clearview Relocation and Aqua Moving Services have extensive networks of worldwide partners so why not contact us and see how we can help your assignees have a successful relocation.

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