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Coming Home: Repatriation Stage of Relocation

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02 October, 2019

Returning home after a work assignment is often the most stressful and overlooked stage of the relocation process for both employees and businesses. Individuals have a lot of problems to solve throughout their move. Additionally, businesses have their own concerns such as expenses and retaining that employee etc. This stage needs to be as carefully planned as the initial relocation. Here are a few repatriation issues to consider before your next experience.

One thing to consider before you start planning a return is the timing of the arrival and the impact this will have on the individual. Are they moving from their house in the sun back home in the midst of monsoon season? Timing is crucial for both the individual and business, so be sure to take this in to consideration.

A big step in the repatriation stage is arranging for the termination of the tenancy agreement. This can become quite stressful, serving notice to the landlord, completing inventory checks, cleaning and gardening to ensure the return of the deposit. In some cases, the business rather than the individual is liable for the deposit, it may become financially significant that the terms of the tenancy agreement are met with no risk of dilapidation claims.

Further, there is the return of rental furniture and the removal/transport of personal belongings from their temporary house back to their home country. Again, timing here is key, you don’t want employees’ to return home only to have to wait an additional few months for their furniture and belongings to arrive.

Not all issues are about the individual, there are also business concerns to plan for. Employers run the risk that the employee who has just gained a whole new valuable skill set working overseas may decide to take those skills over to a competitor. To improve the likelihood of retaining your employee, consider their role in the company they will be returning to and ensure there is career path in place for them where they can utilise the experience gained.

Here at Clearview Relocation, we understand the challenges of returning home after a work assignment for the individual, their spouse or family and the business. We provide location departure services on a case by case basis designed to make the whole process as stress free and straightforward as possible. We can negotiate the end of the tenancy agreement to supporting individuals through their return journey, navigating reverse culture shock and be on hand to solve unforeseen problems with their move.

Read more on the Relocation Departure Services we provide or get in touch with us and we’ll support you through this final leg of your journey for a successful repatriation.  


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