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How to support your employees when you relocate your business

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07 August, 2018

There are many upsides to moving the physical location of your business, a change of scenery can be inspiring and provide new places to explore, but the reality is that no one enjoys the actual moving part. Uprooting everything you know can be tough, and not everyone will decide to move lightly.

A family facing relocation will face a lot of stress, two of the factors being the physical strain of the move, and the financial worries, which is the same when moving your company with the additional concern of hoping your employees will move with you. 

Showing your employees that you care about them during the time of their move can make a positive difference and can help with the stress of the movement.  Here are some tips on how to show your employees you care.

  1. Check up on them

Regularly checking how your employees are getting on with their move shows them that you are interested and genuinely care about how they are getting on. This also allows you to have a better understanding of exactly where they are in the moving process.

  1. Support them

When asking how your employees are getting on with their move, it is also a good idea to offer positive thoughts. Let them know you appreciate them and offer to help out where you can.

  1. Offer tips and advice

Offering good tips and hacks about moving can be useful for your employees. Sharing different suggestions for moving companies or comparison sites for utilities can show that you considered the moving dilemmas that may have felt confusing for your employee.

  1. Give them enough time to get through the move

While some of your team might willingly work through the week and into the weekends, it’s essential that they are given the time they need to coordinate their move and pack up their things. Setting a schedule to balance work obligations with preparing for the move might be helpful.

It’s important to remember that relocating your company and employees is only a temporary headache. Your business and employees will settle in, and it’ll be smooth sailing once again.

Clearview Relocation provides advice and training before the move and assistance to the relocating company for as long as needed after the move, helping assignees adjust faster to their new environment. Contact us today on 01635 239040 or email

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