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How Well Do You Know the London Underground

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05 January, 2016

We arrived back to work, to find our boss had set us all a New Year Quiz, not any old quiz but more of a test; a test to see how well the 'Relocation Experts' knew their stuff. I can tell you that we did not all score 100% and there was positive murmurings and collaborations amongst the team. So I thought it would be a good idea to see how well you can do and you never know, you might be in with a job opportunity, while others in this office are on the way out!! Not so much a test, but the most important exam of our lives! The questions are:

Which station is it?

1) Bookies Small Wooded area

2) Majestic Tree

3) Inexperienced ecclesiastical person

4) Every child’s favourite

5) Elizabeth’s recreation ground

6) Bunnies’ home thoroughfare

7) 63,360 inches to the finish

8) Open it, it’s carnival time

9) University + Chipperfields

10) Fruit, Veg and opera

11) Trapped between Baron and Duke

12) A small bird’s docking platform#

13) 007 thoroughfare

14) Sherlock’s home

15) Commemoration of the Great Fire

16) Netherlands Open Space

17) Lord Mayor’s formal residence

18) Meeting Napoleon

19) Crystalline metamorphic rock entrance

Answers on an email please and let's see if you outperformed some of the rather 'over Christmas and New Yeared' Clearview Employees!

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