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Making the move smooth for families

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16 January, 2018

Family issues are still considered as the primary cause for failed assignments. Family members who are unable to adjust to their new environment can feel isolated and unhappy, causing relationship issues and ultimately putting an end to the assignment.

Schooling is one of the most critical elements of relocating for an assignee with children.  Parents will not want to disrupt their children’s education and will want to ensure that they are choosing the right school for their child. An education consultant will guide your employees through the minefield and provide a whole host of valuable information, from prospectuses and independent reports to advice on the application and registration process.

Language and cultural difference can cause a lot of difficulty for staff moving between countries. We can provide advice and training before the move and assistance for as long as needed after the move, meaning assignees can adjust faster and better in their new home and work environment.

Another concern for assignees is the cost of living in the new country. Will they be able to afford to live the same lifestyle as they did back home? Clearview Relocation can provide a Cost-Of-Living Analysis full of information with the cost-of-living variables enabling suitable relocation packages and allowances to be put together, meaning that assignees are fully supported with their move. 

For more information on how Clearview Relocation can help your employees – and their families’ – move successful, contact us on or call 01635230465

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