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The world’s most expensive locations for business

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24 April, 2018

Geneva has once again been named as the most expensive location in Europe for business travellers, according to research by global mobility experts ECA International.

The total cost of a regular business trip to Geneva is a staggering £554 per day, compared to a business trip to London which costs on average £448.


Simon Franklin, Daily Rates Manager at ECA general comments: “Swiss cities once again dominate the most expensive places for business trips in Europe, with five different locations in the top ten. Switzerland has always been a rich nation for business travel, and this year is no different as the Swiss franc has performed very strongly”.

Meanwhile, London has seen a drop in the rankings, as have all of the UK locations that are included in the list. The UK Capital has dropped out of the top ten most expensive cities for business travellers in the world, overtaken by Monaco, Basel and Paris this year. Now sixth place in Europe, London is down third from the year before.

Franklin said: “While the price of business travel to London has remained relatively static over the past few years, the strong performance of the euro in the past year has seen costs in other cities such as Paris and Monaco overtake the UK capital. The cost of business travel in the UK overall has continued to fall, with every surveyed UK location seeing a drop in the table.”

Below we have listed the top 10 most expensive business trip destinations (in GBP).

  1. Geneva
  2. Zurich
  3. Paris
  4. Basel
  5. Monaco
  6. Central London
  7. Lugano
  8. Bern
  9. Reykjavik
  10. Copenhagen

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