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UK will double Tier 1 Visas in an effort to lure in foreign tech talent

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06 December, 2017

The British government is planning to double the number of visas in the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) category in a bid to lure highly skilled workers into the UK.


Prime Minister Theresa May revealed that the practical details of the proposal were being worked on to raise the current annual total of 1,000 visas under the ‘exceptional talent’ route to 2,000.

The Prime Minister also announced a £61 million package of support for the technology sector, including a new training programme and measures to boost the industry throughout Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Birmingham. While praising the tech sector, Mrs May said: “Helping our world-class entrepreneurs and innovators to succeed is how we lay the foundations for our prosperity and build an economy fit for the future.”

“Technology is at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy, and we will continue to invest in the best innovations and ideas. As we prepare to leave the European Union, I am clear that Britain will remain open for business.”

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