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10 September, 2020

Clearview Relocation are proud to announce the launch of Clearview Immigration LLP, the latest addition to the Clearview group of companies.

Eldee Greyling who has 12 years’ experience in the immigration sector will be managing the team which will provide a full range of services to suit both the private and corporate sectors.

In 2009, Clearview Relocation founded Aqua Moving Services LLP, an International move management company, very much as a result of repeated requests from their clients to provide this service. Rather than just bring it in-house Clearview decided to add some expertise, to make the experience “relocation friendly” and to improve and streamline an approach for all their assignees and clients. The results have been fantastic, not only have Clearview relocation clients been delighted with the cost savings and results that they have achieved but the client base has grown significantly in its own right.

Clearview Relocation are now adopting a similar approach to immigration and will be looking to make this often complicated and extremely specialist field as user friendly as possible.

When asked why three companies and not just the one Simon Bell responded “George and I set up Clearview Relocation to be a fantastic relocation company, we are not removals or immigration specialists and feel that these industries need the same care, attention and specialism that we apply to relocation. We can now provide one coordinating member of the team to provide a relocation friendly approach to all 3 aspects of an International relocation”

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