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Why Relocation Companies are Like Ants

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23 August, 2019

A strange analogy you might think, but I believe it is a fitting way to illustrate how we can help not only breakdown the overwhelming task of relocation but also work with you right up until they’ve settled into their new homes.

This might be your first rodeo with relocating your workforce, or you might still be having nightmares from the last time you attempted this. Moving your employees is a massive task with a lot of implications for both them and the company. So, before you consider taking this on alone, spare me two minutes to demonstrate how we can support you through this process.

Ant Carrying a Leaf

Have you seen those videos of the ant’s trying to carry bits of food and leaves several times their size and oddly succeeding? The size of the task does not deter them and carry on persistently until they convey it back to their colony. Well, we’re a bit like that, not overwhelmed by the task at hand. While it may seem complicated, we know we have the resources to see you through from the initial relocation plans through to settling your employee into their new home.

Ants Teamwork


You’re not alone in this, because, like ants, we value teamwork. If an object is too big for one ant, you’ll often find a group of them working to break it down into manageable chunks, each taking on only as much as they can carry. We can be your support team breaking down the process into manageable steps and work with you to complete the task. More than just working in a team, ants can mobilise their crew and work cohesively and efficiently. In a nutshell, they’re organised and so are we.

Ants forming a Bridge

They’re also trailblazers; scout ants go ahead of the rest and leave trails to guide the others towards resources and away from danger. Consider us your scouts; we’ve been there, done that and have several t-shirts. We’ve experienced the ups and downs of relocation; we can guide you to the best sources and steer you away from risks or frauds.Ants Bringing Food to Colony

And at the end of the day, ants get the job done. I’ve never seen a group of ants start working on a task and then give up halfway to their colony. We are committed to seeing you through to the end of this process.

A strange analogy? Maybe. However, it does effectively showcase our values and just a few benefits of working with us to achieve a successful relocation. If you would like to discuss how we can make your next relocation a smooth transition give us a call on 01635 239040 or email

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